About us

Hi, we are Daniel and Lukáš. On one especially slow day at work, Lukáš got bored and drew a pig. And Daniel said: "That’s not bad. Can you draw a sheep, too?"

The beginnings

The beginnings

After drawing the sheep, a rooster followed. And soon after that, a hen. Add a cow, and they had 5 animals. They looked at them and said: ‘Let’s make an app of it’.

Over a particularly productive lunch, the idea for an animal-themed story app for children was born.

Getting their hands dirty

After researching children’s apps, they found that there was potential for creating a beautiful, quality app for the littlest ones. From what they found the visual appeal of apps for toddlers was, to put it nicely, not good.

As the process of creation went on, paradoxically they themselves had to learn new skills, from illustration and animation, to new coding languages. In a way, ‘Let’s Learn: Farm Animals’ was a big learning journey for Dan and Lukas, too.


Adding a touch of magic

The app really came to life when they approached Blake, a playful chap who’s great with words, and Salwa, a voiceover talent, who helped the app reach new horizons, giving the app a soul and true emotion. Exactly the things we wanted to leave the kids with after playing the app.

‘We wanted to leave kids with feeling of true emotion after playing the app. There aren’t that many apps with a soul out there.’

Lukáš Daniel

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Available for iOS. Android is coming soon.